Mardi Gras Wine Pairings with Presqu’ile Winery

The Murphy family, owners of Presqu’ile winery, have a family farm in Louisiana and have spent a lot of time in New Orleans. With such strong ties to the area, it was only fitting that in celebration of Mardi Gras, they throw a party.

At a sold out event last Saturday, party goers enjoyed all you can eat gumbo and Po’ Boys while listening to NOLA blues by Louis Ortega. “Presqu’ile is all about enlightened hospitality, which for us means an empathetic approach to service where you feel like you’re part of our family,” Presqu’ile Estates Manager, Cameron Porter, explained. “The original Presqu’ile, on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, was a family gathering place for generations, and it embodied a warmth of spirit and convivial atmosphere that we seek to recreate here through events like Mardi Gras, as well as concerts, dinners, and other experiences to enrich our community.”

This may be Presqu’ile’s first Mardi Gras event but it certainly won’t be their last. In the meantime, for those of us having our own Mardi Gras celebrations at home, we asked Cameron what wine is best paired with southern cuisine. “Gumbo, with its touch of heat, pairs beautifully with our Rose of Pinot Noir. It has plenty of bright acid to cut through those rich flavors, and it’s lower in alcohol so it doesn’t clash with the spiciness. Sausage po’boys with Santa Maria Pinot are a thing of beauty; they bring out all the spicy, savory notes inherent in our Pinot Noir. Catfish po’boys, on the other hand, pair wonderfully with the zesty acid and citrus notes of our Sauvignon Blanc.”

Have a happy, fun and delicious Fat Tuesday! Click here for more information on Presqu’ile and their ongoing event schedule.