Who doesn’t love a trip to Costco? From clothing to computers, furniture to kitchen appliances, Costco is just loaded with good stuff at a great price.

But what some folks might not know about Costco is that the company is also attentive to local flavors—and in the Santa Maria Valley, that means you can load up on locally produced Santa Maria Style Barbecue products at the Costco store on South Bradley Road in Santa Maria.

For example, at the local Costco you will find gift cards for the legendary Hitching Post restaurant in Casmalia—specifically two $50 gift cards for just $79.95!

Also, in the meat department, you will find the Hitching Post’s fully prepared Santa Maria Style Barbecue Tri-Tip, cooked over red oak and seasoned with the Hitching Post’s signature rub. It’s the same quality meat used at the restaurant. All you have to do is re-heat the tri-tip and it tastes like you just barbecued it. The gift cards and tri-tip are also available at the Costco stores in Goleta and San Luis Obispo.

Meanwhile, the Santa Maria Valley’s Susie Q’s Brand is also a fixture at the Santa Maria Costco, with their Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning considered a staple for preparing authentic Santa Maria Style Barbecue. This seasoning is also a delicious accent for a wide variety of dishes. The 22-ounce Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning is also available at Costco stores in San Luis Obispo, Goleta, Oxnard and Bakersfield.

The Santa Maria Costco also features a fine selection of Santa Maria Valley  and Central Coast wines, as well as other homegrown products, including local organic spring salad from Babé Farms.

In other words, if you want to go big on local BBQ flavor, you know where to go!