Cindy Rynning was recently listed as one of Exel Wines’ Top 100 Most Influential Wine Bloggers of 2015. She writes the blog, Grape Experiences where she posts wine reviews, recipes, and travel recommendations.

This week, Santa Maria Valley wine was featured in a great piece about the real people and real experiences visitors can expect when they visit Santa Maria Valley. The following excerpt, a quote from Clarissa Nagy of Nagy Wines, is one of our favorites.

“There is such a pioneering spirit here in the Santa Maria Valley. The growers in the 1960s took a risk to plant wine grapes here, at a time when it was generally considered too cool of a region to grow grapes. In the 1980s and early 90s, the next generation of growers began planting different clones of grape varietals to see what grew best here. The Santa Maria Valley benefited from these experiments and their knowledge. Honoring tradition and an openness to try things not yet done is the grounding force of our wine culture.” – Clarissa Nagy, Nagy Wines

You can check out the whole article on the Grape Experiences blog, here.