In one of the more creative tributes to Santa Maria Style Barbecue we’ve encountered, veteran food  and travel writer Laurel Miller recently posted a story on her self-described “(not a) blog” about our local culinary tradition, leading with her own personal account of experiencing another distinctive ranch-style offering: “prairie oysters.”

Indeed, it turns out that Laurel, when she was just ten years old, got rounded up to help with a spring cattle gathering here on the Central Coast, where she was not only introduced to Santa Maria BBQ, but also to this, ahem, more exotic delicacy.

In reflecting on that experience, she delves into the history and menu of classic Santa Maria Style Barbecue. Along the way, she features local landmark restaurants such as the Hitching Post and Far Western Tavern, as well as Susie Q’s Brand barbecue foods and Old Town Market in Orcutt.

You may recall that Laurel also penned a recent piece on Santa Maria BBQ for American Cowboy magazine. Our thanks go out to her for spreading the sizzling good word about Santa Maria Style Barbecue!