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Zaca Mesa

The first to plant Syrah in Santa Barbara County.

Located in the northernmost portion of Santa Ynez Valley within Santa Barbara County, Zaca Mesa was the first to plant Syrah in Santa Barbara County in 1978. Over the years, the winery has learned that the grape varietals indigenous to the Rhône valley of France prosper in its vineyard. Since 1997, they have focused on growing Syrah, Viognier and other Rhône varietals. Hand-crafting wines with integrity using traditional methods from grapes sustainably grown, they have farmed and nurtured our vineyard to produce wines that are true to the unique spirit of the land.

Known for being an industry leader and home to many recognized winemakers like Ken Brown, Adam Tolmach, Jim Clenden, Bob Lindquist, Daniel Gehrs and Eric Mohseni, Zaca Mesa is filled with traditions and a passion for wine.

With the strong belief that it takes a family to create great wine, Zaca Mesa has been a pioneer in the industry since its very beginning. Since 2011, winemaker Kristin Bryden is one of those team members who is continuing the legacy. Kristin’s winemaking journey began unintentionally, but after her first harvest, she fell in love with the craft. Through her winemaking journey at Zaca Mesa she has honed in her abilities to create wines that age with optimal natural acidity. 

Zaca Mesa guarantees a delicious glass of Syrah made with traditional Central Coast winemaking, which can be enjoyed as you tour the 750-acre property. Zaca Mesa is also situated along the famed Foxen Canyon Wine Trail


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