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Waller Park

Santa Maria’s Waller Park is a wooded park with a pond full of ducks with a fountain, playgrounds, an off-leash dog park, and a “get away from it all” feel. This is the home to the area’s only facility for playing disc golf. For bird lovers, the park features a resident Ross’ Goose, a resident Cackling Goose as well as Western Bluebirds. Warblers of many types may be found in the park’s tall pine trees. Winter brings the White Crowned Sparrows to local feeders. Springtime welcomes Western Tanagers, Black Headed Grosbeaks and other seedeaters, and summer finds hooded orioles visiting hummingbird feeders. Allen’s Hummingbirds and Rufous Hummingbirds are also common around feeders. With an outdoor kitchen available at Lakeview Terrace, along with three oak pits for barbecuing and plenty of picnic tables, this is an ideal spot for an event with parking nearby.


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