Creme De La Ice Cream


A little about our family, Victor and Natalie Bryson are owners and founders of Creme de la ice cream. Victor grew up in Santa Maria, California. He grew up in a big family with 8 brothers and sisters. He joined the United States Marine corps right out of high school. He did two tours of duty during my time in the Marines, once to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. After the marine corps, He moved to Arroyo Grande, where he met his wife Natalie. Natalie grew up in Orange County and graduated from California State University, Fullerton. She is a very creative and talented person. Natalie is a huge part of why this company is where they are today by managing all social media accounts, events, creativity, and design. She was promoted for work, due to her amazing visual displays, working as a visual manager for Macy’s.

We make a strong duo using both our creativity, vision, hard work and love for ice cream. We plan on taking Ice cream to another level!!!

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