American Cowboy Salutes "The Best Ranch BBQ"

June 21, 2011

On the heels of high-profile coverage in and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Santa Maria Style Barbecue is once again in the sizzling spotlight as the latest issue of American Cowboy magazine declares it “The Best Ranch BBQ.”

In the accompanying piece, food and travel writer Laurel Miller elaborates on the origins of Santa Maria BBQ as a celebratory meal prepared at local ranchos in the mid 1800s, with native ingredients and methods becoming what is today known as Santa Maria Style Barbecue. She writes, “California’s mild climate favored outdoor cooking, and barbecues were the way to celebrate special occasions, uniting family, friends, neighbors and workers.”

The piece includes a recipe for preparing Santa Maria Style Barbecue, and it features a classic photo of Billy Ruiz of Cowboy Catering slicing into a perfectly seasoned cut with trailing wisps of steam.

Thanks to American Cowboy and Laurel Miller for spreading the flavorful good news about Santa Maria Style Barbecue.

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