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The Source of Sweet Strawberries

Strawberry season is here. And it’s berry, berry exciting. Strawberries begin to spout in the Santa Maria Valley right about the official start of springtime, where more than 20 million trays and 10 varieties of delicious, handpicked strawberries are produced annually. According to the California Strawberry Commission, nearly every strawberry enjoyed in the United States […]

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Famous Santa Maria Strawberries

Seriously Sweet If there’s anything more satisfying than biting into a perfectly ripe, juicy strawberry, we have yet to find out what that is. And, thanks to our year-round growing season and cool, coastal climate, Santa Maria happens to be home to some of  the ripest, juiciest, largest strawberries in the country. Plus, our strawberry fields are […]

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Strawberries Offer Sizzling Sweetness in BBQ Country

While the Santa Maria Valley is renowned for its legendary barbecue and world-class wines, locally grown strawberries have emerged as the area’s top cash crop and enjoy their own annual showcase at the Santa Maria Valley Strawberry Festival, which will be held this year on April 27-29. The upcoming Santa Maria Valley Strawberry Festival at […]

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Spotlight on Santa Maria Strawberries

The Santa Maria Valley is sweet as well as sizzling, as fresh strawberries join Santa Maria BBQ as one of the region’s signature flavors. Now, KSBY Television has turned the spotlight on the valley’s sensational strawberries in advance of the annual Santa Maria Valley Strawberry Festival on April 23-25. Anchor Jeanette Trompeter visited the local […]

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Santa Maria Strawberries in The Spotlight

California Country Television turns the spotlight on Santa Maria Valley strawberries in its latest episode, revealing that Santa Maria Style Barbecue isn’t the only homegrown flavor worthy of renown. California Country is produced by the California Farm Bureau and airs on stations throughout the state. The show’s new strawberry segment features Daren Gee of Daren’s […]

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BBQ, Strawberries Star in California Country

Santa Maria Style Barbecue and Santa Maria Valley strawberries are the subjects of two upcoming segments on California Country, a statewide television show produced by the California Farm Bureau. The California Country crew visited the Santa Maria Valley this week to experience the strawberries of DB Specialty Farms (a.k.a. Daren’s Berries). The same crew recently […]

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Santa Maria Valley Strawberries

The Santa Maria Valley’s vast agricultural heritage is represented by many crops, the most colorful of which are strawberries. The region’s uniquely moderate coastal climate is a perfect match for this fragile berry, with warm winters and cool summers that support a year-round growing season. More than 10 strawberry varieties are grown in the valley […]

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Best Wine Country Hotels in the Santa Maria Valley

Wine, Dine and Stay Whether you’re visiting for the weekend to explore our 34 tasting rooms on the Santa Maria Valley Wine Trolley, here for a week to unwind and relax, or just passing by to enjoy the Santa Maria Style barbecue you’ve been longing to try, the Santa Maria Valley has a wide variety […]

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Santa Maria Style Barbecue Recipes

If there’s one thing that brings travelers and adventurers to our valley, it’s our iconic Santa Maria Style barbecue. The reason our barbecue is treasured by taste buds around the world? Authenticity and simplicity. We use recipes that date back generations—and we know better than to mess with a good thing. Fortunately for barbecue lovers […]

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These 4 Sweet Strawberry Recipes Will be Your New Jam

It’s one of the best times of the year in the Santa Maria Valley: strawberry season! California is well-known for producing strawberries. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly every strawberry eaten in the United States comes from California. The Central Coast is especially ideal for producing strawberries because of the cool temperatures and ocean breezes. The […]

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